The Benefits of Wood Fences

Here are just a few of the benefits of having Alliance Fence Company build you a well-engineered and properly installed fence:

  • Adds Privacy
  • Blocks Excess wind or sunshine
  • Buffers unwanted noises
  • Enhances property value
  • Hides unattractive views
  • Highlights great views
  • Provides security and protection
  • Makes safe play area for kids
  • Contains family pets

Alliance Fence Company can design wood fences to serve all of these beneficial purposes but most important, a professional wood fence can create the atmosphere you want. 

Wood Fence Styles

Alliance Fence uses materials that will last for years.  Our cedar fences are constructed  with a western red cedar that is custom fit to your needs.  We offer many different styles of fences from the basic low budget fence to a custom elegant fence that will stand out against the others.


Wood Fence Styles

  1. Side by Side Pickets - The most basic choice that has a stylish look at a lower price than other styles.
  2. Board on Board - A more rich look.  This look has no gaps between the pickets as the pickets overlap each other.  This gives total privacy and is a great choice for a stylish look.
  3. Picket Widths and Heights - The dimensions are described by three numbers:  1"x 4"x 6' or 1"x 6"x 8'.  The first number represents the thickness.  It is never a full 1" but the height and width are exact.  The second number represents the width, 4" or 6".  The third number represents the height of the fence, 6' or 8'.  Note that all dimensions are not exact.  
  4. Picket tops - Dog-Ear or Flat Top.
  5. Kick Boards -  A really nice upgrade as it will protect the bottom of the fence from moisture and a weed eater.
  6. Cap/Trim - Gives a nice finish to the top of your fence.
  7. Many other upgrades are available. Please work with our staff to find what is best for you.

Alliance Fence Company

Cedar Fencing

Cedar is the most popular choice of material used in the fencing industry.  Western Red Cedar is resistant to decay and if taken care of properly, can last for 20 plus years.

Metal Posts

Metal posts are used on all new fence installation.  Due to the decay of the wood post, the metal post will outlast typical wooden posts that are susceptible to the moisture in the ground.

Pressure Treated Rails

Due to rot and decay being the cause for most fence replacements, AFC is here to build you a fence that will last and be strong.  We recommend using pressure treated rails.  Pressure treated rails are designed to repel water.  We believe that the use of pressure treated rails is the best choice to achieve maximum fence life.